Ideas from head to heart


Our exclusive design golfer transports the fascination for the popular club and ball sport from fairway, green and driving range to your living rooms and sympathetically addresses the huge golf boom in Germany.

pit green is the extremely addictive micro golfer! Skills, the right choice of club and a little bit of training ensure the perfect shot.


EARLSTREET is a free network of creative people with great ideas and concepts for the temporary use of vacant locations/properties. We develop projects in the fields of arts, design and architecture, mostly with a subcultural twist.

Contemporary Artists reveal their projects in various formats/exhibitions/installations. We offer spaces for different movements and styles.


One day, one line, one material, and it is assembled in one single move. Lamp shade IDA is a sustainable design object that easily brightens every day.

In every crevice of her drop-shaped body there is a story of shadow and light.
IDA is a “ready product” produced of 100% degradable woodfill made of lactic acid and recycled woodfibre within 24 hours in a 3D printer.


For all things you don’t want to part from there is a solution: the snapper box that rutan developed in cooperation with product designers Stefan Koitzsch and Daniel Rohr. snapper fits into all your favorite shelving systems or can simply be stacked. A practical gadget for all hunters and gatherers, clear-outs and snappers.


Set your own standards rather than adopting others’, at your own speed and it’s cost-efficient at the same time? rutanCMS offers a smart way that combines intuitive use and an individual layout and is flexibly applicable. Easy solutions for complex ideas.

The technical foundation is strong, configuration, design and contents are always new and wonderfully different.


Public Writing brings to the surface what is usually hidden – your ideas as a physical experience. Above the heads of visitors is a huge screen, below and within reach a giant keyboard: private thoughts, catchy statements and everything the world needs to hear can be typed for all to see.

The written text is an email message. Take a snapshot of yourself and the installation, attach it to the email, and in an instant extravagant greetings are sent to all your friends and family.


A table is the ultimate object, the center of everything arranged around it. We eat, work, dance on it, place things on it and carve our initials on its surface. It is time to honor the table as what it is: more than an anonymous everyday item, but a sensual individual we share our lives with.

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Our name is programme! So, please dont print this Web page, and do something good for the environment.