Format D:

Architecture & spatial concept
3D Visualization

Ideas are on the highest pitch. As can be seen in our development of target-oriented marketing and sales actions for the revitalization of the former taxman building in Darmstadt’s Eschollbrücker Straße 4–6. Formerly used as student dorm, it led a dull existence. We freshly tuned it in black. Format D: means: everything is newly formatted and thoroughly aired.

Format D: as a brand literally puts an umbrella on the leaking roof. The segmentation into different partitions livens up the house. A small all-glass bar on top of the roof of the building is called D: Roof. The shops and clubbing locations at D: Basement create infrastructure for gastronomy and, equipped with flexible technical facilities, offers a new platform for the city’s cultural landscape. In between is D: Living: it’s living, not only lodging.

The D: concept spans the exterior design of the building, office equipment and communications and a specifically established service website. Even the leasing contract is a lifestyle accessory. And because everybody should love and show pride in their place of residence, we designed matching merchandising articles like coffee cups, shirts and a student welcome canvas bag.

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