Koziol Design-Generator

3D model
Circuit boards & LED design
Software development

When crazy ideas become true... It starts, like many things in life, with a fancy and a piece of paper. And when the thought takes shape, something great and new can develop. The Koziol Design Generator is a piece of art, an unidentified living object made of light, colors and a circuit board, a walk-in kaleidoscope of patterns, dots, circles, lines and stripes. When visitors enter the center of the installation, their position is determined by a motion sensor and they will be surrounded by colored light waves. A programmed master piece that can be experienced interactively, always new and exciting.

The Design Generator, playfully, shows the visitor that processes of composition and design are mostly a question of their perception and reflection of their surroundings – always influenced by their personal perspective and way of looking. Our senses, therefore, lead us to an act of creation we can individually control.

The Design Generator as decisive center of the room is a formidable and impressive presentation that forces all the senses to react in one single action. Interactivity as an interpretation of real-time movements is made palpable even for a passive onlooker.

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