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There is something that energy suppliers and gas stations have in common: they sell a product with a low profit margin. That’s why more and more providers, apart from delivering electricity, start to combine synergistically smart products as package solutions. For the Mannheim-based Pfalzwerke AG, rutan developed several media to support the market launch of Porta—a product that merges flexible electricity rates with a smart home solution.

If today you lift the hood of a new car you won’t see an engine but a cover and the promise that this is a one-stop shop. Accordingly, rutan thought out an adaptable cover plate that can be adjusted to the diverse situations in electric meter boxes. ‚Porta unter der Haube‘ (Porta under the cover) lends a uniform exterior to the various top-hat rail components and links the meter box installation with other smart home elements that are part of the product package.

In a short film the contents and possible applications of the Porta package are presented: Everything can be controlled via tablet or smart phone. The washing machine is switched on at night when electricity costs are lowest. Energy efficiency and security are ensured by built-in smoke detectors as well as door/window contacts.

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Since the front of the meter box is covered by protective insulation, rutan developed a plastic clip that enables installation without breaking through the insulation layer with conductive material. The invention was type-tested on behalf of rutan by the VDE (association for electrical engineering, electronics and information technologies). Especially the influence on the temperature rise was tested and thanks to the used sheet steel found suitable.


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