Fraport SGHA APP


rutan clears the view for users with the Fraport SGHA App. Fraport Ground Services (Bodenverkehrsdienste BVD) creates down to earth facts. As one of the leading international providers of ground-handling services according to IATA - AHM 810, the company covers the whole range of services for aircrafts. And lays the ground for airlines to fly high.

The Fraport SGHA App contains all versions of the Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA) since 2004 and offers a full-text search, bookmark function and a cross reference feature. Also, the little expert tool—neatly arranged—delivers all actual Yellow Pages according to IATA - AHM 811 as well as the Standard Transportation Documents Service Main Agreement according to IATA - AHM 815. In short: rutan lends wings to THE reference book for airlines and ground personnel.


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